Truth Seekers

Children's Lessons for personal use

Regular Lesson Content

“Teachable Moments”: In each lesson there will be ideas and suggestions of how to teach simple Biblical Truths through a variety of activities. Those “teachable moments” often occur when you least expect; we need to pray for wisdom to recognize those open doors and how to develop the necessary connection with the child. Trust God then to do the work only He can do--open their heart in response to His love.

Simple Truths: Seeking for Biblical truth through these lessons will also help them to develop an overview of the Bible. This working knowledge of scripture will help them continue to grow, becoming stronger over time as it is used in seeking the truths of God’s Word. Memorizing the Books of the Bible can be useful, but learning more about the content of each book will be even more valuable. If your child is able, encourage them to do the scripture readings aloud. Remember, when you read something yourself, the comprehension is better and you appreciate it more.

To keep it “simple,” there are four truths in each lesson. The expansion (scripture & comments) of each truth is for the parents’ benefit. You can decide how much to share and when. You will notice that the activities and music for your child will also be opportunities to communicate these truths.

Learning Activities: Each of these will be varied in difficulty and content, based on portions of scripture, with opportunity to learn and/or review simple truths through puzzles, word search, mazes and even simple coloring.

Music to Sing (accompaniment available): There will be at least one song included in each lesson, intended to be a learning opportunity, too.

Available Lessons

truth seekers


god is creator

Adam & eve

the fall

holy god

god's plan

man seeks god but fails

jesus - the only way

learning to seek truths

noah & the ark

god is a promise keeper

sons of noah

tower of babel

abraham - friend of god

God is Our Refuge Rock - A Shelter in the Time of Storm

the easter story - Jesus is the reason

mother's day

father's day

a thankful heart

the first advent

bethlehem's candle

the shepherd's candle

angel's candle

christ's candle