Small Groups & Bible Study Questions for Leaders

Small groups are the life of our church and we have groups that meet almost every weekday either at the church or at homes in and around Hayden, CDA, and Kootenai County. Many of our small groups are currently on summer break and will resume in the fall.

** Indicates group is currently on summer break


10:30am at Hayden Bible Church

Leader: Mike Young

"Speeders Society" is our 55+ group that meets for Bible study & potluck lunch on the 2nd & 4th Mondays of the month.

**6:30pm at Hayden Bible Church

Leader: Daniel Farmer

Studying: "Be Available" by Warren Wiersbe

6:30pm in CDA

Leader: Rich Graves

Host: Dianne Shaw

Studying: previous week's sermon


5:00pm at Hayden Bible Church

Leaders: The McClellans

Studying: "A Chronicle of Redemption"

**5:30pm at various homes

Leaders: the Mechikoffs

Open to all but focus is on families with kids from late elementary through college age. Kids encouraged to attend.

**6:30pm in Athol

Leader: Charlie Iverson

Hosts: Roy & Charlotte Mitchell

Studying: previous week's sermon


5:30am Men's Small Group in CDA

Leader: Mike Hohesee

**6:30pm in CDA

Hosts: the Heiseys

Leader: Dave Oliveria

Studying: previous week's sermon

6:30pm in Hayden

Hosts: the Thompsons

Leader: Alvin Thompson

Studying: the Book of Revelation

**6:30pm in CDA

Hosts: the Inghams

Leader: Garry Ingham

6:30pm at Hayden Bible Church

Leader: Pastor Sean Hoisington

Studying: the Book of John

**7:00pm at Hayden Bible Church

Leaders: David & Jody Gabrielson


**9am Men's Small Group at Hayden Bible Church

Leader: D.V. Moyer

**6:30pm in Hayden

Hosts: The Koldes

Leader: Dave Kolde

**6:30pm in Hayden

Hosts: the Travis's

Leader: Brent Travis

Studying: previous week's sermon

**6:30pm in CdA

Hosts: the Munsons

Leader: Gary Munson


5:30am Men's Small Group at Hayden Bible Church

Leader: Pastor Steve Massey


7:00am Men's Group at Hayden Bible Church

Leader: Drew Wenstrom

Ready to join a group?

Click the button below and simply fill out some quick information about yourself and the group you'd like to join, so someone can follow up with you to make sure the group you want to join has space, as well as make sure you have directions and details so they can be ready to welcome you.

Study Helps for Leaders

Study notes & questions from weekly sermons.